About Us

About Bold Running Club

At Bold Running Club Apparel, we believe that running is not only a sport but also a lifestyle. That’s why we create running apparel that is suitable for both performance and everyday wear. Our products are made from sustainable, ethical, and innovative materials that offer quality, comfort, and style. We started in 2022, with a vision to provide runners with the best running apparel that they can wear with pride and confidence. We also foster a community of passionate runners who support each other and inspire others to join the sport. Join us today and discover the difference that Bold Running Club Apparel can make in your running journey.

Our Vision

At Bold Running Club Apparel, our vision is clear: to create and provide premium activewear and leisure lifestyle apparel for runners. We are dedicated to empowering runners of all levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes, to reach their personal best and embrace a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

What Inspires BRC?

Bold Running Club Apparel originated from my fervor and aspiration to craft running attire that goes beyond mere performance, embracing sustainability, ethics, and innovation. Additionally, our venture extends into the realm of post-work leisure lifestyle. Our aim is to provide runners with apparel that not only exudes quality, comfort, and style but also instills a sense of pride and confidence in those who wear it. We want to cultivate a community of runners united in support, inspiring others to partake in this sport. We believe in promoting a lifestyle that enhances health, wellness, and social impact.

BRC Mission

At Bold Running Club Apparel, our mission is clear: to elevate your run with premium activewear and enhance your post-run experience with premium leisurewear. We are committed to crafting comfortable, stylish, and versatile apparel that seamlessly transitions from your fitness routine to daily life. Our purpose is to empower you to embrace your boldness, exude confidence, and radiate the energy of an active lifestyle. With our products, we aspire to inspire a sense of leisure, comfort, and self-assuredness, enabling you to conquer your day, one bold step at a time.

Our Lifestyle Brand for Runners

Introducing Bold Running Club Apparel – More Than a Brand, It's a Lifestyle. Our goal extends beyond crafting Clothing; it's about fostering a way of life. We strive to provide cutting-edge, high-performance apparel that not only propels runners to their personal best but also encourages the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

In our initial phase, we proudly present a collection of contemporary and groundbreaking t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and hats designed to enhance your post-workout moments.

Yet, our vision transcends mere attire. We're cultivating a dynamic community of dedicated runners who uplift one another, inspire newcomers, and collectively revel in the exhilaration of running. Whether you hit the pavement for sheer enjoyment, pursuit of fitness, the thrill of competition, or to infuse a laid-back vibe into your routine, Bold Running Club Apparel has something tailored for you.

Embark on this thrilling journey with us, and let's collectively make running an essential component of a bold and healthy life.

BRC Community Commitment

Bold Running Club Apparel is dedicated to making a positive impact in the community by collaborating with diverse organizations and initiatives that advocate for running as a means of enhancing health, well-being, and societal contributions.

For instance, the brand actively supports charities committed to fostering running programs for underprivileged youth. When you choose Bold Running Club Apparel, you're not only investing in your personal running endeavors but also contributing to the running journeys of others. Your choice becomes a collective stride towards bettering not just individual fitness but also the broader well-being of our community.